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Exhibition for Lina Nasiri

Walking through Lina Nasiri’s paintings and handmade bags & blouses in her recent exhibition in Amman is like a journey that compels you to follow her and go back 8000 years in time to the origins of art (6000 BC). Looking more closely, one would find her coloring pottery, using the same style of her Mesopotamian ancestors only with modern touch colors. Ancient habitants of the Euphrates & Tigris Rivers have enriched & cultivated Lina with a deep rooted artistic heritage bringing about splendor and creativity in her work.

We carry on passing through Sumer and the Sumerians who have saved mankind from the dark ages and entered history when they invented the writing system in 4th millennium BC, as if Lina is writing with them in cuneiforms dressed in Ur & Uruk’s breath taking & eye capturing jewelry.

The journey continues to 1000 BC in which Lina embodies the warmth of life in her sculptures of Assyrian emperor’s palaces. Thus, her picturesque scenes of blossoming flowers, birds flying in Nineveh’s clear blue sky, the returning hunter, the mother who’s feeding her child , all of which fills our hearts with invigorating sentiments.

Lina Nasiri has revived her ancient ancestors the Sumerians, Babylonians & Assyrians from being alienated in gloomy and cold museums into the bright and warm sunlight.

Sabah Nasiri